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  • Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info receives about 40 daily unique visitor.
  • Its Domain Authority is 45/100 , it's User Expectation is 22/100.
  • Its domain having .info extension.
  • According to Alexa Traffic Rank Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info is ranked number N/A in the world.
  • The domain has N/A Facebook Likes,
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  • The website doesn't use HTTPS protocol.
  • Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info has estimated worth of $ 104 and have a daily advertising revenue potential of around N/A.
  • Its domain registrar is Afilias Global Registry Services.

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Last Updated: 10 Oct 2017
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Global rank N/A
Bounce Rate 78/100
Domain Authority 45/100
Server Data
Latitude 48.86
Longitude 2.34
Country France

Featured Stats

Website User Experience: 68.8%
Website first impression (inverse bounce rate)
22 / 100
Website authority
45 / 100

Traffic Stats - tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info

Unique Visitors

Daily Unique Visitors 40
Monthly unique Visitors 1,200
Unique visitors per year 14,600

Page views

Daily Page Views 220
Monthly page views 6,600
Page views per year 80,300

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Utiliser le CSM Pluxml pour faire facilement son site -
Un tutoriel pour les nuls à destination des utilisateurs du CMS Pluxml

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Technology profile - tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info

Number of Web Components: 8
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Html5
  • Javascript
  • Php (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Facebook Box
  • Google +1 Button
  • Twitter Button

Google Analytics ID

  • UA-38254427-1

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    Page title

    Utiliser le CSM Pluxml pour faire facilement son site -



    Other Meta tags

    • Name:
    • Name: viewport
      Content: width=device-width, user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0
    • Name: description
      Content: Un tutoriel pour les nuls à destination des utilisateurs du CMS Pluxml
    • Name: keywords
      Content: pluxml, tutoriel, thèmes, programmation, site, internet, système, logiciel, éditeur, conseils, fonctionnement

    Word weight (top 20)

    • pluxml 4
    • faire 4
    • des 4
    • comment 3
    • cms 3
    • blog 3
    • les 3
    • rss 3
    • débutants 2
    • liens 2
    • site 2
    • commentaires 2
    • crédits 2
    • accueil 2
    • bidouilles 2
    • tutoriel 2
    • utilisateurs 2
    • système 2
    • pour 2
    • fil 2
    • utiliser 1
    • son 1
    • tutoriela 1
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    • editorial 1
    • articles 1
    • facilement 1
    • effet 1
    • astuces 1
    • animé 1

    Word density (top 20)

    • pluxml 4
    • faire 3
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    • blog 2
    • système 2
    • site 2
    • crédits 2
    • comment 2
    • pour 2
    • accueil 2
    • les 2
    • tutoriel 2
    • utilisateurs 2
    • des 2
    • rechercher 1
    • contact 1
    • mis 1
    • vous 1
    • été 1
    • tutoriela 1
    • facilement 1
    • jour 1
    • utiliser 1
    • articles 1
    • voulez 1
    • commentaires 1
    • astuces 1
    • csm 1
    • bases 1

    Occurence of top 3 keywords.

    Domain name1
    Meta title11
    Meta description1
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    H3 tags
    Bold, strong text
    Italic text
    Image names
    Image alt texts
    Link urls931
    Link texts

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    <H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5> <H6>
    1 1 0 0 0 0

    H1 content:

    • Editorial

    H2 content:

    • Le Tutoriel pour Les Nuls
    Number of strong texts: 1
    Number of underline texts: 3
    Number of anchor texts: 62

    Text content

    Character count: 129

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    Number of images: 2
    Number of missing "alt" attributes: 1
    • Source: tuto-pluxml . reseauk . info / data / images / attention-mec . jpg
      Alt: missing alt attribute!
    • Source: tuto-pluxml . reseauk . info / data / images / livre-css3-html5-ed5-recto-largeur100 . gif
      Alt: Francis Draillard, www . antevox . fr /
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    Text/Link Ratio

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    Text links

    Number of links: 62
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article28/phase-4-du-tutoriel-pour-les-nuls
      Text: Le tutoriel
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article28/phase-4-du-tutoriel-pour-les-nuls
      Text: a été mis à jour.
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/
      Text: Accueil
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/contact
      Text: Contact
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/search
      Text: Rechercher
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static4/comment-faire
      Text: Comment faire ?
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static10/tutoriels
      Text: Liens
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static21/credits
      Text: Crédits
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/blog
      Text: Blog
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article29/tutoriel-pluxml-pour-les-nuls
      Text: Le Tutoriel pour Les Nuls
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article9/dis-papa-c-est-quoi-un-cms
      Text: Dis papa, c'est quoi un CMS ?
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static12/myalertes
      Text: MyAlertes
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article8/pourquoi-choisir-pluxml-comme-cms
      Text: Pourquoi choisir le CMS Pluxml ?
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article31/le-principe
      Text: Le principe Pluxml
    • Href: http://www.pluxml.org/
      Text: Le site de l'éditeur
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static22/bretelles
      Text: Exemples de pages
    • Href: http://forum.pluxml.org/
      Text: Les forums d'entre-aide
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article10/ce-que-fait-pluxml
      Text: Ce que fait Pluxml
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static4/comment-faire
      Text: Tous les articles
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article35/petites-bidouilles
      Text: Les petites bidouilles
    • Href: http://forum.pluxml.org/profile.php?id=4192
      Text: Francis
    • Href: http://www.antevox.fr/
      Text: sur son site
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/feed/rss
      Text: Fil des articles
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/feed/rss/commentaires
      Text: Fil des commentaires
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/categorie2/comment-faire
      Text: Comment faire ?
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/categorie3/les-bases
      Text: Les bases
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/categorie4/les-astuces
      Text: Les Astuces
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article38/vous-voulez-devenir-hebergeur
      Text: Vous voulez devenir hébergeur ?
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article37/un-effet-de-defilement-vertical-anime
      Text: Un effet de défilement vertical animé
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article36/aligner-des-blocs
      Text: Aligner des blocs
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article35/petites-bidouilles
      Text: Petites bidouilles
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article34/recommandations-aux-debutants
      Text: Recommandations aux débutants
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/ancre
      Text: Ancre
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/animation
      Text: Animation
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/astuce
      Text: Astuce
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/bbcodes
      Text: BBcodes
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/bidouilles
      Text: Bidouilles
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/cd
      Text: CD
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/cms
      Text: CMS
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/css
      Text: CSS
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/commentaires
      Text: Commentaires
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/content-management-systeme
      Text: Content-Management-Système
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/debutants
      Text: Débutants
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/flux-rss
      Text: Flux-RSS
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/mise-en-forme
      Text: Mise-en-forme
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/multi-utilisateurs
      Text: Multi-utilisateurs
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/pluxml
      Text: PluXml
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/skins
      Text: Skins
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/styles
      Text: Styles
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/tags
      Text: Tags
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/templates
      Text: Templates
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/tag/tutoriels
      Text: Tutoriels
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article29/tutoriel-pluxml-pour-les-nuls#c1507187247-1
      Text: Plu_Noob a dit : Bonjour, Existe-t-il un pdf uni...
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article6/l-arborescence-de-pluxml#c1499787190-1
      Text: Active Ingredients In Staminon a dit : I used to be suggested this web si...
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article25/installer-et-utiliser-pluxml-phase-3#c1498146171-1
      Text: mode a dit : Hey exceptional blog! Does running...
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article19/pour-votre-pemiere-installation#c1494148041-1
      Text: your villas a dit : Very nice post. I just stumbled up...
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/article25/installer-et-utiliser-pluxml-phase-3#c1491212847-1
      Text: Acheter base de données emails. fichier email. a dit : Hello to all, it's truly a fastidi...
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/archives/2013
      Text: 2013
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/static15/page-autre-look
      Text: Autre Look
    • Href: http://www.pluxml.org
      Text: PluXml
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/core/admin/
      Text: Administration
    • Href: http://tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info/#top
      Text: Haut de page


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    Review URL: Short desc:
    Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info receives about 40 daily visitor. Its Domain Authority is 45/100. Its Alexa Rank is N/A in the world." />
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    Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info receives about 40 daily unique visitor. Its DA is 45/100. It has global traffic rank #N/A. Its domain having .info extension. Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info has estimated worth of $ 104 and have a daily advertising revenue potential of around N/A.
    Reviewed domain:
    Date published: 2017-10-10 09:05:05
    3.44 / 5 stars

    Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info review

    Tuto-pluxml.reseauk.info receives about 40 daily visitor. Its Domain Authority is 45/100. Its Alexa Rank is N/A in the world." />